Minutes - 2019.11.11

The Board of Education of the Algona Community School District met in regular session on November 11, 2019 in the Board Room.  Vice President Rodney Davis called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Directors Bartelt, Davis, Knudsen, Limbaugh, Nugent and Owen answered roll call. 
Others Present:  Superintendent Carter, Secretary Cooper, Jared Cecil, Todd Louwagie, Merrill Mueller, Kris Schlievert, Phil Stein, Molly Bjustrom, Kjerstin Brandt, Charli Dodds, Ella Petersen, Ashton Leininger, Maya Lentz, Betsy Becker, FFA Students: MaKiley Pesicka, Cameron Leininger, Lilly Divis, Allison Kramer, Joey Schumacher, Collin Casey, Nick Christensen, Jordan Buscher, Declan Braun, Hunter Thilges, Conner Olmstead, Emily Walker, Lilly Vaske, Jaden Spear, Teagan Smith and Student Teacher-Haley Hinrichs. 
Approve Agenda:  Owen moved to approve the agenda as posted, seconded by Knudsen.  Ayes 6, Nays 0, Carried. 
Hearing of Delegations:

  1. Mrs. Bjustrom and Mrs. Brandt’s 5​th​ Grade class wrote essays on what the charateristics of a good middle school student were.  Charli Dodds & Ella Petersen from Mrs. Brandt’s class read their essay.  Ashton Leininger & Maya Lentz from Mrs. Bjustrom’s class read their essays also.  
  2. Mrs. Becker’s FFA Students that attended the National Convention in Indianapolis talked about the Convention and the side trips that they were able to do while there also. 

Consent Items:  Owen audited the November Invoices and found everything to be in order. Owen moved to approve the consent items, seconded by Limbaugh.  Ayes 6, Nays 0, Carried. 
Superintendent’s Report:

  1. Mr. Carter talked about Certified Enrollment this year compared to past years. 

Administrative Reports:

  1. Mr. Cecil talked about the Freshmen and the Seniors and even though they use the same Guidelines, the process for these two classes is completely different. The end result is to graduate young adults who know what they want to do in life. 

New Business:

  1. Nugent moved to approve the open enrollment applications for the 2019-20 school year, seconded by Knudsen.  Ayes 6, Nays 0, Carried.
  2. Owen moved to approve the purchase of a 2021 84 passenger bus in the amount of $139,884, seconded by Barelt.  Ayes 6, Nays 0, Carried. 


  1. Owen moved to approve the new contracts of Erin Kuecker-At Risk TA, Wendy Zhao-EL TA, Stephanie Sullivan-Special Education TA, Rebecca Zittritsch-Cook; Jared Cecil-Volunteer High School Boys Basketball, Corey Bjustrom-Volunteer High School Wrestling, Jay Bjustrom-Volunteer High School Wrestling, Austin Long-Volunteer High School Wrestling, and Joe Teague-Volunteer High School Wrestling,  seconded by Nugent.  Ayes 6, Nays 0, Carried.
  2. Limbaugh moved to accept the resignations of Janet Votteler-Sophomore PLC Leader, Valerie Fakler-Bus Driver and Molly Henderson-Co Science Fair Sponsor, seconded by Bartelt.  Ayes 6, Nays 0, Carried. 

No further business.  Knudsen moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:08 p.m., seconded by Owen. Ayes 6, Nays 0, Carried.