201 - Legal Status of the Board

The Board of Education of the Algona Community School District derives its legal status from the constitution of the State of Iowa and the statutes enacted by the Iowa General Assembly. A Board of Education may establish additional rules and regulations that are not in conflict with the laws of the State or our Nation.

The Board of Education can transact business which is legally binding on the District only when it is in regular or special session with a quorum present and its proceedings recorded in the minutes of the meeting.

The Board of Education retains full legislative and judicial authority over the schools in accordance with the school laws and the expressed will of the electorate, but delegates all executive, supervisory, and instructional authority to its employees as hereinafter specified. Legislative service under the law implies the power and the obligation to contract for service and materials, the power to inspect, the power to pass judgment upon employees and their work, and power to veto acts of any or all employees when such acts are deemed contrary to the legal rights or obligations of the District, or inconsistent with established Board policies.

While the Board of Education is charged by the State with the responsibility for providing educational opportunities for the children of its schools and directing those public school activities which the State entrusts to its care and supervision, a carefully planned pattern of authority is observed by the Board.

In fulfilling its obligations, the Board acts similarly in its relationships to the schools as do Boards of Directors to successful business organizations; that is, through the power of legislation, by the determination of policies, and the evaluation of results. The direct  administration of the school system is delegated to the Superintendent of Schools whom the Board appoints to act as Executive Officer of the Board. The Superintendent is held individually and directly responsible to the Board for the execution of all its policies and its legislations and for such other duties assigned to the Superintendent by the Board. Individual members have status as Board members only when acting formally as members of the Board while it is in regular or special session, or when specifically entrusted by the Board to carry out definite assignments.



Legal Reference:        
(Code of Iowa)

Date of Adoption:                 
May 12, 1975

Date of Review:
December 14, 2020