Agenda - 2019.10.14

Review of Mission and Vision Statement


1.  Call to Order

2.  Roll Call

3.  Approve Agenda/General Information

4.  Hearing of Delegations

5.  Consent Items:

     a. September 9, 2019 Minutes

     b. October Invoices

(Expense Summary at a Glance, Revenue Summary, Balance Sheet Summary, Expense Summary, Monthly Ending Balances, Rev-Exp., Cash in Bank)

6.  Board Reports

     a. AEA Cost Savings Repor

     b. Superintendent’s Report

     c. Financial Projection/Summary

     d. Early Retirement Policy Models (Model 1) and (Model 2)

8.  Communications to the Board

     a. Community Field Turf Presentation

8.  Administrative Reports

     a.  Mrs. Schutjer -- FAST Results/Reports

9.  Unfinished Business

     a. Workshop Document/Information Review

    - Most Proud of (Algona)

    - Roles of Board

    b. Superintendent Goals 2019-2020

    c. Set dates for Superintendent Performance/Progress Reviews

10.  New Business: 

     a. Open Enrollment Requests

     b. Girls Wrestling Club

     c. SBRC - Special Education Deficit

     d. Vehicle Insurance Settlement

     e. Approve Out of State Vocal Trip (Mr. Orban)

     f. November Meeting Date 

12.  Personnel:

     aNew Contracts

13.  Adjourn