700 - Purpose of NonInstructional and Business Services

This series of the board policy manual is devoted to the goals and objectives for the school district's noninstructional services and business operations that assist in the delivery of the education program.  These noninstructional services include, but are not limited to, transportation, the school lunch program and child care.  The board, as it deems necessary, will provide additional noninstructional services to support the education program.

The Board of Directors (Board) recognizes that its primary purpose is to provide the highest quality of educational programs possible within the financial ability of the District and that it has a definite responsibility to the citizens of the district for the efficient use of public funds.  It is, therefore, the recognized responsibility of the Board to determine guidelines for effective expenditures and for reporting to the public.

The Board shall direct the Superintendent of Schools (Superintendent) to submit an annual budget for its approval.   After final adoption of the budget document, by the official action of the Board, the budget shall be a guide for the use of funds and the Superintendent and delegated representatives shall be authorized to administer the specific expenditures approved by adoption of the budget.

It shall be the philosophy of the Board that all aspects of the educational program worthy of inclusion in the total program shall be worthy of financial support within the limits of the financial capabilities of the District.

It is the goal of the board to provide noninstructional services and to conduct its business operations in an efficient manner.



August 11, 1975                                                         

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