Minutes - 2020.2.17


FEBRUARY 17, 2020


The Board of Education of the Algona Community School District met in regular session on February 17, 2020 in the Board Room.  President Davis called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Directors Davis, Limbaugh, Louwagie and Vinci answered roll call.


Members Absent:  Bartelt, Nugent and Owen.


Others Present:  Superintendent Carter, Secretary Cooper, Jill Schutjer, Alan VanOrmer and Brian Wilson.


Approve Agenda: Due to the weather and absence of three board members, the board decided to table the Performance Review of the Superintendent until the March 9 meeting. Vinci moved to approve the agenda with the above correction, seconded by Louwagie.  Ayes 4, Nays 0, Carried.

Consent Items:  Louwagie audited invoices and found everything to be in order. There were 4 checks that were written after the list of invoices was completed, so there was an addition of those invoices for the board to approve.  Limbaugh moved to approve the consent items, seconded by Vinci. Ayes 4, Nays 0, Carried.


Communications to the Board:

Matt Gillaspie from Piper Sandler talked to the board about their financial options in funding the Turf Field Project.


Superintendent’s Report:

  1.  On Jan. 30, IASB held a workshop in Algona for School Board Members.  Supt. Carter reported that it was a good workshop and taught the board about best practices in regards to School Board communications with the community as well as the Superintendent.

  2. Supt. Carter attended the Legislative Advocacy summit in Des Moines on Feb. 10-11.  He had the opportunity to speak with many educational lobbyists and legislators.

  3. Supt. Carter shared a Standard Hiring Practice that he developed to help with the hiring process this spring and beyond.


Administrative Report:

  1.  Supt. Carter and Mrs. Schutjer reviewed ISASP for the district which was overall very good.  The students were proficient in ELA and Math above the state average. The Post-Secondary readiness index Career & Technical Education was also above the state average.  We are very proud of our students and staff!

New Business:

  1.  Vinci moved to approve Option 2 for rent of the bus barn facility which will be $13,500 rent per year and the Kossuth County Fair Board will pay the AMU electric bill, seconded by Louwagie.  Ayes 4, Nays 0, Carried.

  2. Louwagie moved to approve the open enrollment applications, seconded by Vinci.  Ayes 4, Nays 0, Carried.



  1.  Vinci moved to approve Brenda Rea-Special Ed TA; Ryan King-Asst. Softball Coach; Andy Jacobson-Activities Director; Molly Bjustrom-Third Grade Teacher; Ty Nichols-Middle School PE Teacher; and Kaden Wadle-Asst. Baseball Coach, seconded by Limbaugh.  Ayes 4, Nays 0, Carried.

  2. Limbaugh moved to approve the resignations of Kayla Limbaugh-4th Grade Teacher/Asst. Volleyball Coach and Becky Zittritsch-Food Service, seconded by Louwagie.  Ayes 4, Nays 0, Carried.


Closed Session 21.5(1)(i) Superintendent Performance Review-TABLED until March 9, 2020


No further business.  Louwagie moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 p.m., seconded by Vinci.  Ayes 4, Nays 0, Carried.