Agenda - 2020.3.9


Review of Mission and Vision Statement



1.    Call to Order 

2.    Roll Call

3.    Approve Agenda/General Information

4.    Hearing of Delegations

5.    Consent Items:

         a. February 17, 2020 Minutes

         b. March Invoices

(Expense Summary at a Glance, Revenue Summary, Balance Sheet Summary, Expense Summary, Monthly Ending Balances, Rev-Exp., Cash in Bank)

6.    Board Reports

7.    Superintendent’s Report

  1. Preliminary 2020-2021 Budget

    1. Summary

    2. Presentation

  2. Classified Staff Retirement Program

8.    Communications to the Board

9.    Administrative Reports

  1. Mr. Rotert

10.  New Business: 

a.  Approve use of SAVE/PPEL financing for Field Project

b.  Approve Bill Farnham and Ben Kern as Foundation Representatives

c.  Budget Guarantee 

d.  Open Enrollment

e.  Approve Agreement with Kossuth County Emergency Management Commission

f.   Approve Cooperative Agreement for Pre-Service Clinical Placement with UNI

g.  Approve Iowa Local Government Risk Pool Commission Natural Gas Program Agreement

11.  Personnel:

         a. New Contracts

b. Resignations

12. Closed Session 21.5(1)(i) (Performance Review Superintendent)

13.  Adjourn