505.8 - Parental Involvment

505.8 - Parental Involvment

Parental and family engagement is an important component in a student’s success in school.  The Board encourages parents to become involved in their child’s education to ensure the child’s academic success. 

  1. The Board will direct its administrative staff to continue to utilize the existing Title I parent and family advisory system to involve parents and families in the development of the Title I Plan.  In addition, the Title I Plan shall be incorporated as an integral part of the district’s Comprehensive School Improvement Plan as submitted to the Department of Education, and all Title I staff members shall be involved fully in complying with the requirements of the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan and establishing annual classroom improvement objectives for instruction as a Title I teacher.
  1. The Board will provide the resources and staff necessary to facilitate the coordination, technical assistance, and other support services necessary to assist and build the capacity of all participating Title I schools in planning and implementing effective parental and family engagement activities to improve student academic achievement and school performance.
  1. The Board will support building capacity for strong parental and family engagement by continuing the current system of parent-teacher conferences twice per year and continuing to support the existing practice of contracts with parents and families of Title I students outlining the services that students are to receive in a Title I program and how parents and families can assist in helping their children perform better in reading achievement at home.
  1. The Board will provide administrative staff to coordinate and integrate parental and family engagement strategies under Title I with other programs, such as Head Start, Reading First, Reading Recovery, etc.
  1. The Board will require an annual survey to conduct an evaluation involving the parents and families in the assessment of the content and effectiveness of the parental and family engagement policy in improving the academic quality of the school served, including identifying barriers to greater participation by parents and families in Title I activities (with particular attention to low-income, Limited English Proficient (LEP), minorities, individuals with disabilities, low literacy) and use the findings of the evaluation to design strategies for more effective parent and family engagement and to revise, as necessary, the parent and family engagement policies; and
  1. The Board will direct its administrative staff to determine, with the input of parents and families, how to best involve parents and families in meaningful Title I activities.

The Board will review this policy annually.  The superintendent is responsible for notifying parents and families of this policy annually or within a reasonable time after it has been amended during the school year.  The superintendent may develop an administrative process or procedures to implement this policy.



Legal References:      
20 U.S.C. § 6318

March 14, 2005                                                            

Date of Review:
February 12, 2024


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